Signup Disclosure and Acceptance

1. You are over the age of legal majority and capable of entering into a legally binding agreement, on behalf of yourself or the person or entity you represent, under applicable law.

2. You agree and give your consent that all information or records related to the establishment of a relationship between you (or your company) and NEXUMI COMMUNICATIONS, LLC ("NEXUMI"), as well as the ongoing relationship between you (or your company) and NEXUMI, may be provided or made available in electronic form ("electronic records").

3. You understand that this consent applies to, without limitation, all policies, terms and conditions governing the relationship.

4. You understand and agree that if you do not agree and consent to this arrangement, this account signup process will be terminated.

5. You understand and agree that if you withdraw your consent at any time during this process, or if you later withdraw your consent by providing written notice to NEXUMI after a relationship has been established, then the relationship between you (or your company) and NEXUMI may be subject to termination by NEXUMI, in its sole discretion.

6. You understand that you have the option to contact NEXUMI to request establishing a relationship using information or records of a non electronic form, but NEXUMI has sole discretion on whether to accept or reject such requests.

7. You understand that you will have the ability to update information that NEXUMI needs to contact you, and you agree that you shall ensure such contact information is current at all times.

8. You understand that you may request non electronic copies of information applicable to your account by contacting NEXUMI, but an additional fee may apply if such request is fulfilled

9. You understand that a computer, Internet browser, valid e mail address, and software capable of viewing PDF documents (available for free from are required in order to access and retain the electronic records. You represent and agree that you meet these requirements and have the ability to access and retain electronic records through an Internet browser, valid e mail address, and PDF document viewer.

10. You understand and agree to the following terms and policies:

  • a. Master Services Agreement
  • b. Letter of Agency
  • c. Terms of Service Agreement
  • d. Signup Disclosure and Acceptance
  • e. Terms of Use
  • f. Privacy Policy

11. You understand that if you do not agree with or consent to all of the foregoing, you are not permitted to proceed with the account sign up process.

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